Carmelo’s beige car boot cover. Designed for your vehicle model and year shipped to you, ensuring a perfect fit and 360° coverage. Dogs boot cover approved. Throw your outdated rubber trunk covers away and get the best car boot cover that will transform your interior completely. Heavy duty custom car boot covers that will protect your vehicle from stains, exuberant dogs, scratches made by cargo jostling whilst driving, and much more. With the added bonus of looking good without cramping your style… Available in multiple colours and designs with easy cleaning and protection against errors such as: dirt, chemicals, food stains, drink spills, snow, mud, scratches, etc… Leaves no marks and is cleaned effortlessly with just a tissue. Traps loose particles for hoovering or a quick removal and shake. Nothing is getting past our boot mats even with the smallest’s of dog hairs. Does not retain any foul odours, meaning you dont have to worry about any lingering smells that just wont seem to go away. Waterproof and stain resistant, no tools required just slide into place. Shop now!

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