Money Back Guarantee

30 Days Money Back Guarantee Policy

We offer a 30 Days Money Back Guarantee on all our products within the terms and conditions listed below:

How to apply for the 30 days money back guarantee scheme

Please send us an email at [email protected] with your order number and details regarding your claim. This will be evaluated and if considered eligible a refund will be issued within the certain terms listed bellow

Incorrect ordered items

Please be aware that you are responsible for selecting the correct colour, design and car details at the order stage. All our orders are processed as they are submitted, using the details selected by the customer and we will be unable to support any claim for incorrect ordered items. If not sure email us at [email protected].

You will receive a email confirmation, and order confirmation screen once you placed the order. Please verify the information is correct and contact us as soon as possible if changes are needed.

Dislike of colour or style

As our car mats are made to order, according to your car make, model and colour requirements, we will not accept any claim under the 30 Days Money Back policy in relation to dislike of colour or the style. Please contact us at [email protected] before placing your order if you have any questions regarding colours or styles and if they will match or fit your car interior. Our customer support is here to advise, give you suggestions and real customer submitted images to make a informed decision.

Improper Fit

  1. When a claim is sent for improper fit, we will require pictures with the car mats installed in the car, so we can see the installation method and the fitting issue
  2. We will revise your claim and issue installation advice if needed
  3. If one or more of the products do not fit as expected, we will consult production and request an investigation and revised template mat to be sent as a replacement
  4. Only the poor fit products will be replaced, we can`t change any colours or designs, replacements will be made according to your initial order.
  5. Once the replacement has been issued, and fitting is in line with our product description, your case will be closed.
  6. If the replacement mat fails to cover or fit as intended, we will issue a refund for your order under the policy in question

Please be advised that we reserve the right to issue replacements and request images to see what`s wrong with the product in question.

We aim to respond to any improper fit claim in a maximum of 5 days with installation suggestions. If the product will require production investigation, this process can take up to 7 days, as templates used will need to be revised and in some rare cases, car manufacturers will be contacted to verify the measurements.

Return under 30 Days Money Back Policy

We will not accept return requests if reasons falls outside of the terms above and are not in line with our refunds and returns policy. Please be aware that any successful claim under the 30 Days Money Back Policy will require the product returned to our warehouse. Once received and inspected we will issue a full refund for the total amount paid at order stage.


Any claim made under the 30 Days Money Back policy is subject to investigation. We reserve the right to rectify any issue, by sending replacements or installation advice. If we fail to rectify any fitting issues, a refund will be issued.

For any help, questions or support please contact us:

Email: [email protected]